Daily Exercise to Lose Weight

We all know that aerobic activities, like running, skiing, swimming, and tennis increase your heart rate and burn off calories. But did you know that you could also lose weight and boost your energy without ever leaving your house? If you ever feel winded by moving furniture or scrubbing your kitchen floor then you’re exercising hard enough to enjoy real health benefits – in numerical terms, burning 4.5 or more calories a minute if you weigh about 130 pounds or 6 calories a minute if you weigh about 180. (The heavier you are, the more calories an activity burns). fashioninfo24

 To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you’re taking in. To lose one pound of fat, you need to burn off 3,500 calories. That means if you burn about 200 calories a day beyond your normal output by doing common activities like washing a car or pushing a lawn mower, you’ll lose a pound of fat in less than 3 weeks. Now add this calorie burning to a healthy diet and you’ll cut your risk of disease and live longer without ever walking into.

Common Activities That Burn Calories (Per 10 min)

Walking fast 60

Painting 60

Weeding 60

Washing a car 60

Playing tag with a child 65

Cleaning gutters 65

Pushing a lawn mover 70

Scrubbing floors 70

Biking to work 75

Moving furniture 75

Walking up stairs 85

Carrying a two-year-old upstairs 95

Based on a 180 pound individual Fitness Tips:

Try to incorporate even a few ideas into your daily or weekly exercise schedule to boost your activity level. fashioninfo24

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